I’m a writer, anthropological researcher and aspiring novelist. Over the past five years, I’ve written freelance journalistic articles and am currently an ESRC-funded PhD candidate in the anthropology department of SOAS, University of London (2019-2023). My research explores Jewish politics and culture in Barcelona, with a specific interest in Jewish-Muslim relations, cultural economics and social memory. I have also recently written a literary novel, drawing from my anthropological research on Jewish and Muslim life in Spain, for which I am seeking representation with the hope of publication (please email if you wish to know more or know of suitable literary agents).

Some of my current research interests include: Jewish-Muslim relations in contemporary Barcelona; inter-minority politics; public/private distinction within Jewish socialities; discourses around civic values and obligation; secular discourses which shape the relation between embodied practices and public space; left-leaning grassroots political formations in the Mediterranean; migration and contemporary European identity; diasporic networks and social memory formation in public space.

Along with Dr.Adi Bharat and Katharine Halls, I am a co-ordinator of the Jewish-Muslim Research Network, which (amongst other events) organises a monthly reading group and seminars comparatively exploring Jewish and Muslim identity, Judaism and Islam and ‘Jewish-Muslim’ relations. Please email me if you would like to join!

Contact (and for journalistic commissions):


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